What Will Happen if You Have All The Skins and Roll a Random One? #189

How to become a better streamer? How to edit a highlight video? I'll explain your obvious mistakes and teach you how to produce quality content. I'm making league memes and other funny stuff! I'm gonna tell you all about streaming in my videos, stay tuned and make sure to follow me on social media:
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Froggen: www.twitch.tv/froggen
Scarra: www.twitch.tv/scarra
Voyboy: www.twitch.tv/voyboy
LS: www.twitch.tv/imls
IWillDominate: www.twitch.tv/iwilldominate
Gosu: www.twitch.tv/gosu
Pobelter: www.twitch.tv/pobelter
Panunu: www.twitch.tv/panunulol
Yassuo: www.twitch.tv/yassuo
Geranimo: www.twitch.tv/lolgeranimo
Wingsofdeath: www.twitch.tv/wingsofdeath
Heisendong: www.twitch.tv/heisendongna
Faker: www.twitch.tv/faker
Huni: www.twitch.tv/huni
RF Legendary: www.twitch.tv/rflegendary
Tobias Fate: www.twitch.tv/tobiasfate
Shiphtur: www.twitch.tv/shiphtur
Hashinshin: www.twitch.tv/hashinshin
AlexIch: www.twitch.tv/alexich
Amazingx: www.twitch.tv/amazingx
Goodguygarry: www.twitch.tv/goodguygarry
Tarzaned: www.twitch.tv/tarzaned
Zeeoon: www.twitch.tv/zeeoon
Thaldrinlol: www.twitch.tv/thaldrinlol
Ogaming: www.twitch.tv/ogaminglol
Elojoninja1: www.twitch.tv/elojoninja1
LCK: www.twitch.tv/lck1
Dioud: www.twitch.tv/dioudlol
Sirhcez: www.twitch.tv/sirhcez
Hasahasaking: www.twitch.tv/hasahasaking
Tobyne: www.twitch.tv/tobyne
Intro by Angrydonat: https://angrydonat.deviantart.com/art/PROJECT-Fiora-559855717
Outro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-mT9D4fdgQ
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