Top 5 Outplays | July, 2014 (League of Legends)


Remember to hit that like button to support the show! Miss the previous episode? Go here! You can submit your plays to respawndofficial@gmail.comYour email should include the LoLReplay file (.lrf), a youtube video of the play (or mp4) and a little description.- Replay 5 by: Replay 4 by: d- Replay 3 by: Replay 2 by: NA LCS- Replay 1 by: "Deja Vu (Original Mix)" by Tobu"Infectious" by TobuChannel: tdown by: Director: ------------------- Enjoy our videos? Subscribe to our channel. It's free and you will know when we have a new video! ter?add_user=machinimarealm Twitter - - + - 1963/postsIf you notice an issue in the title or description or credits for a play / music, please feel free to reach out to us and tweet @Shibby2142 your concern. We are here to help and make sure the right play-makers and artists are given the proper credit.

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