Gosu Gets 1280 Free RP !? | When You're Getting Ganked But You're Dardoch - Best of LoL Streams #125

Daily League of Legends best funny stream moments, memes, funny fails and pro plays #125 ft. Gosu, Dardoch, Tobias Fate, Dyrus, Imaqtpie, NA LCS, AlexIch, OddOrange, RFLegendary, Voyboy, Ipav, Metaphor, PinkWard, Rojankhzxr, Trick2g, GoodGuyGarry, EU LCS, Cowsep, Yassuo and Elmiillor!
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Gosu Gets 1280 Free RP !? | When You're Getting Ganked But You're Dardoch - Best of LoL Streams #125
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Gosu: www.twitch.tv/gosu
Dyrus: www.twitch.tv/tsm_dyrus
NA LCS: www.twitch.tv/nalcs1
EU LCS: www.twitch.tv/eulcs1
Tobias Fate: www.twitch.tv/feedbias_int
AlexIch: www.twitch.tv/alexich
RFLegendary: www.twitch.tv/rflegendary
Elmiillor: www.twitch.tv/elmiillor
Yassuo: www.twitch.tv/yassuo
Dardoch: www.twitch.tv/dardoch
Ipav999: www.twitch.tv/ipav999
Metaphor: www.twitch.tv/metaphor
Voyboy: www.twitch.tv/voyboy
Imaqtpie: www.twitch.tv/imaqtpie
Ioddorange: www.twitch.tv/ioddorange
Joaos92: www.twitch.tv/joaos92
Rojankhzxr: www.twitch.tv/rojankhzxr
Tristanabanana: www.twitch.tv/tristanabanana
Cowsep: www.twitch.tv/cowsep
PinkWard: www.twitch.tv/pinkwardlol
GoodGuyGarry: www.twitch.tv/goodguygarry
Trick2g: www.twitch.tv/trick2g
Revenant: www.twitch.tv/g4g_revenant

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